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Make savings

Our research and development team is motivated by what is important to you on a daily basis when looking to meet your needs. The FullCleaning System will allow you to cut your consumption of water, electricity and chemicals by half.

FullCleaning System

15 litres of water

For cleaning

Whilst cleaning Precijet functions closed circuit, considerably limiting the consumption of water and chemicals. It uses only 15 litres of water against 52 under normal circumstances. This in turn has an equivalent impact on the environment.

The FullCleaning System allows you to concentrate on more profitable tasks.

30 minutes

To clean a 10 level oven

Every cycle has been studied to reduce the cleaning time to a minimum. Unlike other ovens that require 2 hours for a complete cycle, 30 minutes is sufficient to clean a 10 level Precijet oven!

4 minutes

To rinse the entire cavity

Precijet has a "rinse" function which replaces the spray hose. A single press and in 4 minutes the oven will rinse down the entire cooking cavity without any action on your part!


By mitigating faults outside the oven TwinControl guarantees cooking continuity even in the event of degradation in water quality!

In the event of a violent impact on the interface, Precijet is the only oven that can continue to function without an electronic facia! So your service is assured without impact on the quality of your dishes, the end of stress!



of the ovens power in use in the cooking phase

By adapting the heating power to the load being cooked CoreControl limits the consumption of water and energy.


less water consumption

Control to the degree limits product weight loss and keeps meat moist. Economic and quality cooking!

FastPAD 2


After several minutes of inactivity the FastPAD 2 screen goes into standby. A simply touch on the screen will reactivate the interface.

Save time

No waiting and less handling in the kitchen. A flush surface for easier cleaning.

Save time time by navigating rapidly via the interface!

With the aim of limiting the environmental impact, FastPAD 2 includes innovative solutions to reconcile performance and respect for the environment.

An oven for all your needs