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From Chef to Patissier, whatever your calling, Equajet knows how to respond to all your needs.

Think of its design, to be resistant to services that are the most intense, Equajet will become your ally, anxious about the cooking results. Equajet offers you simplified navigation to get the best from your BONNET combination oven.

Performance is assured for all your meals

AirControl technology regulates the circulation of air within the cooking cavity so as to obtain uniform browning on every level fully loaded or not!

Don’t turn your trays around in the middle of cooking!

Equajet benefits from the JetControl advanced injection technology.
This guarantees rapid steam saturation, with identical performance day after day.

Thanks to its ventilation speed (from 10% to 100%) and its large vent, Equajet is perfectly adapted to even the most fragile products!

With its integral core probe, Equajet offers you the possibility to control your cooking by core temperature.

The cavity is designed to facilitate the circulation of water during cleaning, welded radiused corners, pressed stainless base, specific ventilation grill…… for impeccable results!

Thanks to its Banqueting function, Equajet will be your ally for all your events. No more need to dress plates at the last minute, banqueting service will pass in complete tranquillity.

To respond rapidly to your needs Equajet is fitted with an automatic cooling system, no need to wait for the temperature to drop with the door wide open!

Easy to get to grips with

Equajet combines the essential functions needed every day.

With its touch panel controls, Equajet will surprise you with its performance and flexibility. Equajet offers 3 possible cooking modes, allowing you to express your savoir-faire.
Every control has been thought about to make the oven’s operation intuitive and clearly illustrated. A few seconds is enough to program your cooking cycle!

An ergonomic loading direction, improves visibility and optimises the use of the oven during service!

In combination mode, Equajet automatically adjusts the humidity for each type of product! The guarantee that your recipe will be respected.

Save time and money!

33 minutes

to clean your Equajet

Equajet even makes savings whilst in operation. With CoreControl, Equajet only uses 30% power when in regulation phase.

Equajet makes the end of service faster and more comfortable thanks to its fully automatic cleaning system. Equajet adjusts the quantity of detergent required without any intervention on your part. The FullCleaning System technology was designed to use most of the chemicals available on the market so you remain in control of your purchasing.

* Totally automatic wash system is optional

15 %

saving of electricity

Ease of maintenance with the advanced injection system. The level of water consumption remains limited and there is no requirement to descale a boiler!

The application of detergent and rinse aid is via two rotating nozzles located in the top of the oven*.

You can still get your hands on your oven even during the cleaning cycle!

The cleaning cycle can be interrupted at any time.

* This may be an option in certain countries

Equajet, a reliable oven

13 years

Of operation without failure

Resistance to mechanical testing: 211 000 door openings corresponding to 13 years of use without breakage. Automatic display of the number of hours until the next service when first switched on.

Precision assembly and long term reliability due in part to laser cutting and welding. Equajet offers an automatic cleaning system.

Once the wash cycle is started, Equajet dispenses the chemicals itself into the cooking cavity. Eliminating the risk of mishandling or irritation associated with cleaning chemicals!

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