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A minimum of space for a maximum of cooking!

With the objective of maintaining the cooking performance of the Precijet oven BONNET knew how to develop the first premium quality compact oven on the market.

Due to its cooking performance and its speed throughout the day, Minijet guarantees you the level of production capacity to suit your needs.

More Compact

40cm de moins

52.5 cm

Save up to 40cm of space!

Plug & Play

In addition to being compact, Minijet is available as a single phase model 230V.

Forget the problems of finding space for a traditional oven, Minijet can be installed anywhere.

A restaurant kitchen, a room service facility, a company restaurant servery counter, Minijet is the ideal solution to your need for space and power.

From the minute it is running, Minijet will maximise your production capacity (see below).

Profit from the space gained by increasing your workspace.

Use the 12 levels available to do your preparation work for the week.

  • During preparation
  • During service
    • Viennese pastry: 60 pieces per pass
    • Meringues: 12 plates per pass
    • Roast beef: 6 pieces per pass
    • Poultry: 12 Chickens per hour
    • Fresh broccoli: 10Kgs every 10 mins
    • Gratin dauphinois: 160 portions per hour
    • Low temperature meat in sauce: 10Kgs per cycle
    • 12 plates regenerated per pass
    • 6 levels with direct access


Simplify your life with VisioPAD®

2 seconds

To programme and launch your cooking

To continue to respond to your needs, BONNET has developed VisioPAD®, a rapid and intuitive interface.

On a single screen, VisioPAD® gives you access to all the functions you need on a daily basis.

Reduced ventilation, humidity, vent control, holding temperature, are accessible without changing menu.

The USB port available on Minijet, allows you to back up all the data collected during the night or when you switched it off. The traceability of your production is assured.

Using colour coding, VisioPAD® lets you know what stage your cooking is at.

VisioPAD® includes 18 cooking programmes installed as standard.

Minijet offers you 18 multi-phase recipes as standard for identical results everyday

Change cooking to suit your wishes

from 200°C to 80°C in 2 min

During preparation, the rapid cooling with a closed door allows you to combine phase of browning and cooking at low temperature in less time and without any intervention on your part.

This cooking technique improves the crispness and the moistness of your products without you having to watch them.

Cooling on Minijet is done automatically with the door closed! No fumes pouring into the kitchen. All the grease and fumes are captured by the canopy.

Make service more fluid

The speed at which Minijet reacts makes a real ally during the most intensive service.

The drop in temperature after the door is opened is compensated for in a few seconds and the internal ambience (humid/dry) are done in an instant.

More Precise

A picture worthy of your savoir faire

The auto reverse fan and the circulation of air in the cavity are calculated to guarantee uniform results for your dishes.

All your clients will benefit from the same picture on their plates.

Bring extra crispness to your cooking

By incorporating AirDry+ technology Minijet guarantees you that your products will be dried rapidly and effectively all with a single manipulation.

Less time required to dry fruit crisp.

AirDry+ offers multiple possibilities: improving the browning of meats, drying products, improving the crispness of your flaky or choux pastries…

Add value to your cooking

Minijet uses the CoreControl technology already proven in Equator and Precijet ovens. Your oven will adapt its heating power according to the load in the oven and always in real time.

Minijet detects the rise in temperature so as to avoid peaks that result in over cooking. Once at the set temperature, Minijet only uses 30% power to ensure cooking that is spot on.

Opt for the removable multi point core probe which ensure cooking in complete serenity.


Evidence comes as standard

Less than 20cl of detergent

Minijet is the first compact oven to be fitted as standard with an automatic cleaning system that requires no manipulation.

17 minutes

Per wash

Minijet is autonomous, adjusting the cleaning intensity, the cavity is heated to the ideal temperature, the chemical is automatically sprayed into the cavity and at the end of the cycle the oven is rinsed.

More than 2 hours

Gained per cooking

Minijet does not require special detergent, you select what you buy.

Consider using the automatic rinse function after cooking salty products. 3 minutes is enough to remove the largest particles.

An oven that respects the environment


less water used

BONNET, in conjunction with BUREAU VERITAS CODDE, has studied the lifecycle of the Minijet range, from the extraction of natural resources through to it eventual recycling.


less energy used

This study has allowed the stages that use most energy to be identified. As well as during the cleaning phases, Minijet reduces your consumption of water and energy.

Controlling heating using CoreControl technology allows Minijet to smooth out the peaks in temperature and to work at reduced power automatically. Real economies every day.

BONNET is committed to always offering you ovens that have the greatest respect for the environment

Our models, their technical elements

Discover the benefits of our ovens

Your cooking performance


Reliable no matter what


Make your daily life simpler


Economical cleaning


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