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Performance deserving of your confidence

In steam, combination, or convection mode at high or low temperature BONNET combination ovens guarantee precision, with uniform, rapid and reproducible results for all your dishes.


Adjustment Cooking

By adjusting the power of the oven to the load being cooked CoreControl technology eliminates temperature peaks that you get in traditional combination ovens. Even at low temperatures cooking is always to the degree required!

A control system so precise that your product will be perfectly preserved and cooked exactly as required. Uniformly cooked from the centre to very edge of the meat! Even during service, it has become possible to brown meat then cook fish in low temperature steam. Precijet+ takes charge of adjusting the temperature in only a few seconds!

Precijet cooling

Precijet+ has a rapid cooling system with the door shut. You no longer need to wait for your oven to cool down. You oven is available at all times!


By making the Precijet+ oven even more dependable TwinControl allows you to optimise your cooking and explore new universes!



FastPAD 2 gives you the advantage of controlling the cooking qualities "manually or automatically". This system avoids long and difficult research.


FastPAD 2 was developed to support new technologies. You also benefit from the latest improvements for your oven. FastPAD 2 is permanently evolving thanks to regular updates.


Precijet+ puts all existing cooking techniques at your disposal! In total you can explore 7 different cooking modes: from low temperature steam to banqueting, by way of cooking with Delta T.

Thanks to the integrated core probes, you are able to do your sous vide or other cooking always controlled by the oven! Dedicated sous vide programmes are available in automatic mode.

The multi level function helps the team work during service. Each reheating or flash cook is individually controlled!

Automatic preheating guarantees you that cooking will start at the right temperature. You keep control of your automatic cooking cycles.

Precijet+ offers you the option to adjust the level of browning and degree of cooking according to what you want. Simply pressing the control is sufficient to select the result you require!

FullCleaning System

Its cleaning system is exceptional because your oven will remain impeccable, as clean as it was on the very first day and all in less than 30 minutes.

The cavity was designed to improve water circulation whilst cleaning, radiused corners, fully welded, pressed base, special fan cover… all for impeccable results!

The association of degreasing and descaling agents guarantees you a clean oven day after day. Precijet: the only oven on the market which incorporates a fully automatic descale!

At any time you can retake control of your oven by stopping the cleaning cycle. Precijet+ will discharge any residual chemicals and be available for use immediately.

The FCS technology continuously monitors the amount of water consumed whilst cooking and adapts the oven descaling to suit the water hardness and the frequency of steam cooking. Cooking performance identical to that on day 1.

More and more kitchens can be seen from the dining area. In less than 30 minutes Precijet+ can clean itself between sittings!

An oven for all your needs