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A level of cooking quality recognised throughout the world by the best chefs

The Precijet+ combination oven brings you cooking performance, reliability, speed of execution and simplicity of operation, thanks to its intuitive interface: FastPAD 2. Precijet+ is fitted with FullCleaning System: the first cleaning system to be fully automatic without the need for any handling, the most economic on the market.

BONNET, in conjunction with BUREAU VERITAS CODDE, has studied the life cycle of its BONNET combi oven range, from the extraction of natural resources up its recycling at the end of its service life. BONNET is committed to always offering you ovens that respect the environment more.

With identical use, Precijet+ will save you:

  • 30% in water
  • 30 minutes per day

Keep control of your cooking

The exact temperature precision guaranteed by Precijet+ is obtained through CoreControl technology, which adapts the power of the oven to suit the load being cooked in real time.

Initially, Precijet+ progressively reduces the power so as not to exceed the set temperature. In the regulation period, Precijet+ only uses 30% of its power to eliminate temperature spikes.

Precijet+ brings homogeneous browning to your cooking on every level no matter what the load is. The air circulation and the auto reverse fan were studied to guarantee a regular flow across every level.

In steam mode, Precijet+ preserves the colour and flavour of your products thanks to an instantaneous saturation of steam. The JetControl technology automatically adjusts steam production to the load being cooked.

Switch from one thing to another without waiting for your oven to be ready, Precijet+ remains available. Wit hits rapid cooking cavity cooling with the door shut, Precijet+ allows you to brown meat then cook at low temperature without any intervention. Precijet+ adapts to the most intense service, even when the door is opened frequently. Saving time, cooking just gets faster!

Le FastPAD 2 makes your day simpler

  • An intuitive menu limited to three screens allowing navigation through all the parameters, to develop curiosity and push the boundaries of the oven.

  • Access all the functions of Precijet+ instantly.

    In manual mode, all the functions used on a daily basis are on the screen.

    Save time every time you start to cook.

  • Adjust just how well done you want things, Precijet+ does the rest.

    In addition to the standard automatic recipes, Precijet+ allows you to record your own multi phase cooking cycles in a matter of seconds.

  • The personalisation of FastPAD 2, improves the conviviality of the interface, adjust Precijet+ to suit you. No more time wasted trying to understand how the unit works!

    Communicate with Precijet+ using the FastPAD PC software and the USB stick supplied as standard.

  • FastPAD 2 was developed in close collaboration with chefs from across the world. From starred restaurants to central production kitchens, every opinion was taken into account allowing us to be sure that FastPAD 2 reflects exactly what you want!

Save time and money!

Precijet+ makes the end of service faster and more comfortable thanks to its fully automatic cleaning system. Precijet+ adjusts the quantity of detergent required without any intervention on your part. The FullCleaning System technology was designed to use most of the chemicals available on the market so you remain in control of your purchasing.

The amount of water used by the oven remains limited thanks to advanced injection technology.

30 minutes

To clean your Precijet+ oven

Its closed circuit ensures real economies and reduced environmental impact!

Your oven even makes savings whilst in operation. With CoreControl, Precijet+ only uses 30% power when in regulation phase.

Proven reliability

To allow you to keep your oven operational even in the most critical moments BONNET has developed the technology of TwinControl.

Precijet+ automatically detects, analyses and corrects faults linked to its external environment to watch over your cooking.

Precijet+ ensures you have continuity of service by offering alternatives to vital functions!

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