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Gateway to Reliability

All the in-built intelligence is there to ensure continuity of service at all times. Our ovens take into account external parameters, detecting and analysing them, controlling and correcting them automatically to avoid unproductive interventions of any kind.


TwinControl technology constantly analyses the parts of the oven and external parameters. The certainty that no external factors will affect your cooking!

This system ensures continuity of service without any nasty incidents.


CoreControl technology has been fitted to BONNET ovens for over 15 years. Thousands of chefs have benefited daily from the advantages linked to this avant-garde technology.

CoreControl technology requires no action on your part. It is activated automatically and guarantees the best balance between Power and Load.

FastPAD 2

Extreme reliability testing has been undertaken to ensure that you have an oven that will last in the long term!

Several thousands of chefs use FastPAD 2 every day!

FullCleaning System

The FullCleaning System eliminates all the risks associated with manual or semi-automatic cleaning. Precijet+ and Equajet control the ovens temperature before chemicals are sprayed in ensuring that they are used to their greatest efficiency.

Once the cleaning cycle is finished the FullCleaning System rinses the oven to remove any residual chemicals.

An oven for all your needs