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Research and Development

The team of 18 engineers and technicians located in the Research and development centre at POLIGNY rely on the latest tools:

  • CAO, digital simulation
  • The expertise of a Certified laboratory: analysis and control of consumption, outputs, compliance with norms to ensure conformity and improve safety.
  • Strategy of Eco Conception, Studies environmental impacts:
Over a 10 year period the savings on water and energy is of the order of € 5,400, that could be between 50 and 90 % of the price of the oven.

French manufacture

BONNET designs and produces for the whole world (Brazil, Australia, England…) but all its combination ovens come from its French factory in Poligny at the heart of the JURA. BONNET is at the forefront of the technology needed to supply products of the highest quality.

BONNET, has a complete range of products and services. French market leader for professional catering for commercial restaurants and staff kitchens alike with a team of 200 collaborators across the whole of France dedicated to sales and installation comprising: Installation engineers, Sales team, Culinary experts, Design office technicians and its network of approved distributors.

BONNET SPARE PARTS, provides a fast and reliable after-sales service, integrated supply service for a variety of replacement parts, components and professional equipment.

BONNET, teams tuned to the requirements and the technical constraints of its customers!

An oven for all your needs