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In all Simplicity

The controls are intuitive and convivial. From the very first moment you will enjoy controlling your oven in complete serenity. You have the benefit of 80 recipes whilst creating new ones, modification and reusing them as you please takes only a few seconds. Cleaning is fully automatic.

FastPAD 2

  • FastPAD was developed in close collaboration with chefs from every field. From Michelin starred to those in central production units, all these views were taken into account to ensure we can categorically state that FastPAD reflects exactly what you are looking for! You are the chef, the commis isn't!

  • Ecrans d'alerte de FastPAD

    Intuitive navigation limited to 3 screens has the effect of developing curiosity and pushing the boundaries of your oven. The simplicity of access makes operation of the different functions easier and allows all the staff in the kitchen to undertake even the most delicate cooking operations. Operation is fluid and fast.

  • The fastest oven on the market! A few seconds are all that is required to record or modify a cooking programme without the need for a manual!

  • Everyone has his own style! Add or delete functions ... Personalised interface to keep only those functions that are essential for the chef. The parameters that you want. The personalisation of FastPAD 2 improves the interfaces conviviality further; each chef can choose to have only those programmes that he wants on display. No more time wasted trying to understand how a unit works!

Thanks to FastPAD PC software supplied as standard with Precijet, you can assure yourself of the quality of the cooking and regularity of temperatures required in a few seconds!


Precijet is fitted as standard with TwinControl, the only technology capable of automatically switching the oven from one technology to another if an external event creates a problem, without interrupting the cooking cycle!

In the case of a fault the TwinControl displays a message. Once validated this disappears and if necessary Precijet switches automatically to an alternative technology.

Green: Information for the Chef | Yellow: TwinControl has taken over

FastPAD's alert screens


CoreControl technology makes the oven intelligent. At the start of each cooking cycle Precijet automatically adjusts the ovens power level. You spend less time in front of your oven!

No matter which mode is selected CoreControl technology kicks in automatically, whether in steam, convection or combination mode.

Precijet, a comfortable oven: In cooling mode, Precijet channels all the grease and fumes towards the canopy so that your working environment remains healthy.

FullCleaning System

A simple press is sufficient to start the cleaning. The FullCleaning System automatically controls the introduction of chemicals into the cooking cavity, there is no need to wait around to spray or place detergent in the oven!

Thanks to FullCleaning System, you are liberated from cleaning duty, no more gloves or masks to carry around!

The cleaning cycles can be automated. The oven will come on at the appointed time and return to standby when it has finished.

Descaling the oven cavity is completely transparent, it is an integral part of the cleaning cycle depending on the level of scale build up in the oven. No more demanding messages insisting that you maintain your oven, Precijet is autonomous!

An oven for all your needs