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By selecting a BONNET combination oven you ensure the satisfaction of your client at every level!

Thanks to the study run in partnership with the audit firm Veritas, BONNET offers you new culinary tools offering real economic performance. This new approach allows you to respond to the various expectations of your clients which differentiate you.

By investing in a BONNET oven you ensure that your clients will make a rapid and easily quantifiable return. With the audit company Veritas, it has been demonstrated that the production phase of an oven represents only 3% of its environmental impact. The remaining 97% are associated with using a combination oven. This is why our engineers were focused on significantly reducing consumption of water, energy and chemicals whilst always prioritising optimum cooking performance.

In total the different technologies integrated into Precijet and Equator will offer your clients reductions in energy consumption of 14% and to save 74% on water usage. Over 10 years these are thousands of kW and m³ of water savings!

With FastPAD PC software supplied as standard, Precijet allows a user to follow all their consumption in graphic format on a daily basis. A tool that quickly becomes indispensable to be sure the proper running of an establishment.

Consommation en eauConsommation en énergie

Precijet and Equator were designed for intensive use. During the development of the Precijet and Equator ovens every component was rigorously tested to ensure long life and the long term satisfaction of your clients.

And because the life of an oven extends beyond its installation, a team of culinary experts supports each chef and their team throughout the life of the oven to make sure it is used to best advantage.

Let yourself be seduced by Precijet via a culinary demonstration near you!

Economic assessment

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Compact Kitchen

BONNET's combination ovens incorporate the philosophy of the Compact Kitchen concept.

A kitchen that is...

  • Optimised : save on space by combining the Compact Kitchen cooking modules.
  • More Evolving : change the menu to meet market trends Compact Kitchen adapts to your wishes.
  • More Productive : produce more thanks to flexible high output units.
  • More Design : an aesthetic cooking range, easy to clean and ergonomic.
Download the documentation of Compact Kitchen

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